About Tshwaranang

There is a word in Sotho, one of the native languages of South Africa. That word is Tshwaranang. Literally translated, it means “joining hands”, but it can mean much more than that. Unity can be the foundation from which the world is lifted up, for people of every race and tribe to join together, building up communities of strength, love and hope. If, through us, a man learns to help himself, then he can help others. A virtuous circle, if you will.

Some homes are little more than tin shacks.

Tshwaranang is a charity based in the Free State, in South Africa. We operate from a town called Harrismith, working in the surrounding area, especially within the nearest townships; Intabazwe, Tshiame and Mokgolokoeng.

Compared with many other regions within Africa, our town is relatively affluent, yet there are still many people living in appalling conditions, and families struggling within the worst poverty possible. HIV and AIDS is a devastating force within our community, with some estimates putting the infection level at 20% in the most badly hit areas.

Through projects of our own initiative, and also through channelling resources for others, we aim to transform our local community. Some of our finance comes from the Department of Social Development, some from other charities, and some from private donations.

Tshwaranang is pronounced swa-as in ‘I swam’-ra-as in ‘rang’-nang-‘rang with an n’.
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Hlengiwe, Mohau, Chris and Jackie in the office

Where are we?

Our main office is at number 26 Warden Street, Harrismith (next to the Methodist Church). However, our projects are mostly outside of Harrismith, in the townships and villages.

Feel free to come and visit us, and you would be welcome to join us, as we perform our routine visits to our various projects.

If you are not from the Free State, please click here to see where Harrismith is.